'Dolphins' are the Friends of Tetbury Music Festival. Why, you might ask? Named for the two ironwork dolphins on the gate of St Marys’ Church and on the town's coat-of-arms, they recall the local myth in which a pair of dolphins saved a Tetbury ship from sinking and brought its cargo of men and goods safely back to harbour.

As a Dolphin friend of the Festival, you give similar crucial support to the Music Festival without which the Festival simply could not exist. Each year one of our concerts is dedicated to you, with our sincere thanks for your support.


There are several levels of support - Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Once you are a Dolphin, you will enjoy priority booking, be kept in touch with future plans,  and have opportunities to attend rehearsals and meet the performers.  As well as being part of a very special club of supporters, of course, who know the value of a Festival such as this.

Please contact for more information.


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